First blog post

I’ve started this blog to compile my artistic endeavors, travels, chosen memories and anecdotes. Motivation permitting there will be a weekly update.

Dress rehearsals for TWO BROTHERS with Red Phoenix, 2017

I do casual work for festivals and local events when not partaking in the festivities at a creative level, feeling at home wherever there is a spotlight, not just when in one. 

That time I helped build Peppa Pig’s Play Date in the Goyder Pavilion at The Royal Adelaide Showground, April 2017

Finding the balance between creative freedom and pragmatic survival is my current adventure, and hopefully by recording as much of it as possible, improvements can be measured and tips accumulated. 

…metaphor yaddayadda…twenties creative yadda

If you want to contact me for any reason, please don’t hesitate to send a message here.


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